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A kick-ass open air party. Drinks and cunts for free! This is the most massive amateur garden party ever! Wonderful Czech girls. Soaked and frisky. Forget about your outdated moral principles! This is a full-on orgy! Perverted Czech amateurs open their pussies to every taker. A full-blown group sex in a garden! A nightmare for all starchy neighbors. The largest amateur party you have ever seen! This is something you will never forget!


21min 04sec

This is the event of the year. An enormous garden party. Pussy is being served free of charge. Stunning models are lying around at the garden. They take in all the cocks they can. Guys are indulging in the speciality of the Chef – The Screwing Skewers. They’re spiking one pussy after another on their cocks. This is what a party should look like. Get your cocks ready!! Fire!! The garden is flooded with cum. Bravo! This is how you water a garden. The busty Barbie found herself in crossfire of jizz. She got several sizzling hot loads of cum. Czech garden massacre is the most spectacular group fucking spree in the world! I swear!
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18min 10sec

A gigantic sexy pool party is on! Have fun and screw everything that moves. That’s right! One horny hottie has fucked a chair! We filmed close-ups of it! An oral sorceress has cast a spell on a chubby cock. This chick is a pro! Mr. Mammoth is fucking one pussy after another. He’s a cunt-slayer! It’s getting crammed here. Check out the newest mind-blowing episode of the largest garden party in the world. You don’t get to see it anywhere else.
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17min 52sec

Illegal group sex is going on. Neighbors would get a heart attack had they know what is going on right behind their fence! The going gets tough. Chicks have a presentation. Asses out! Jugs out! Cunts out! Find the cunt you like the best! Options are many. Just make your choice. Moaning of Czech stunners is resonating throughout the garden. They fuck here, they fuck there. This party is a blast. Bitches, no restraints and music. A never-ending screwing party. Get in! The entrance is free of charge and cunts as well!
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19min 11sec

Come all here! You can get wild and fuck FOR FREE in this garden! Degustation of cocks is in full swing. Chicks are trying out who has the hardest cock. This party has balls. 3, 2, 1… fuck! Guys took pussies by assault. One pussy after another succumbs to them. Illegal lesbian diasporas are forming in the corners of the garden. What is this mess supposed to mean?! Stop eating out pussies and go bonking. Everywhere! Get this chick as your inspiration. She took on a commitment to fuck all cocks in the garden. Check out this episode.
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16min 05sec

Let everything be! Another group fucking spree is here. The most massive one you’ve ever seen! You can’t miss it! The garden is overflowing with stunners. It looks like first round of Miss Contest. Young, beautiful and horny. Flash your tits and don't be shy! Amazing and firm tits. Touch them! You don’t get to see that many tits at the same time. Chicks, show your cunts! Beauties are going to counterattack! They’re pulling cocks out. It’s sucking time. One chick is sucking three cocks at the same time! This party is a blast. This is Czechgardenparty. The most massive fucking maneuvers ever. Get wild! Shag! Enjoy the party!
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23min 47sec

Czech garden massacre! Grand finale is here! The garden is swarming with hot bodies. The mammoth guy has fucked 5 girls at the same time! Then fisted one of them – with the whole fist!!! The most massive garden fisting ever. A bony guy with a baseball bat for a prick came to help him out. They were batting the chicks like madmen. Fucking maneuvers are taking place in the swimming pool. We filmed everything with an underwater camera. Chicks are covered with cum. This party was a blast! Enjoy it!
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21min 39sec

Do you want to throw a decent party? What you need is a garden and a swimming pool! This party is a blast. Wild and horny hotties everywhere. Guys are dipping their cocks deep to try them out. The Mammoth guy is the hottest stuff far and wide. Let’s be honest, is there any chick who wouldn’t want to be boned by a battering ram? Check out garden group sex. A bunch of girls took one guy as their fuck-dummy. Hard core! Check out this flawless episode!
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